Special Offer for Corporate Clients

The KurdNeft Membership Card

The KurdNeft Membership Card is a newly developed system created by KurdNeft for the first time in Kurdistan. Through this system, corporate clients are able to develop increased control, safety, and financial scrutiny in their organization through the issuance of these cards.
In essence, this monthly, post-pay system allows the firm to issue each card to an individual driver or vehicle and constantly monitor their consumption.
This allows companies to minimize fraud through the elimination of cash in the entire process, but also to simplify recordkeeping and accounting by receiving not just a bespoke discount but monthly reports with breakdowns by each individual card.
In addition, each card is given a unique log in code that can be entered onto the KurdNeft website (www.kurdneft.h1n.ru) to check the balance, history of consumption (including location, date, type and quantity of fuel, final price, and remaining balance) to be able to monitor their usage.