What Our Clients Say

Brwa H. Muhammad

The best fuel station I have ever seen in Erbil. It has a Very good quality fuel with so professional employees, they’re helpfull and kind with everyone.

Bryar Saeed

The quality of KurdNeft is amazing.
It is basically the best in Kurdistan.
Keep it up.

Saman Bazene

KurdNeft is the only gas station that satisfies me with the quality of their petrol and services, indeed its the one and only !

Hani Saleh

Very very good

Beny Saf

Very good quality , please keep it as it is dont ruin it

Ahmad Karim Badal Balatay

Best fuel station with the best quality in Kurdistan!!!!

Farman Palany

The best oil station
And best quality in thier products

Haydar Ahmed

Introducing new technologies distinguishes KurdNeft from others in the region! Outstanding work!

Avrest Abbas Agha

The quality of Kurdneft is incredible and has a good stuff